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King James’ Secondary School Huddersfield Yr 9 March 2009

"To give young people time and opportunity to experience different ideas and thoughts.
To give them “time out” from today’s hectic pace with hopefully some strategies to take away and help them in their everyday lives.
" -Carolyn Thirlwell

"I feel it is important for young people in today’s world to take a step back from the fast pace they witness both in school and at home. The experience of Myddelton Grange enables pupils to do such. The sessions provided by its staff helps pupils reflect on their life and understand both the positive and negative aspects of their life to date and how they can change things for the better. All pupils that have attended Myddelton Grange from our school had a positive outlook on life and I also feel enlightened by my retreat experience." -James Dickinson

"I believe in this busy, hectic world we need to teach our young people how to switch off and reflect on their own lives and values. As an RE Teacher in a non-Catholic school I have difficulties imparting religious values into my students without them thinking I’m “Bible Bashing”. This retreat has 100% achieved where I have failed. Thank you so much."
Elizabeth Atkinson


St John Fisher Dewsbury Yr11 March 2009

"It is vital – a brilliant resource. Time out to consider life away from the hurley burley of school life – the work you do here is extremely important – builds confidence in those who attend – believe me! Increasingly important in the materialistic world we live in – acquisition of stuff and shopping is what gets in the way of too many being a much more religious/active & effective Catholic. Thank you." -Dawn Gavaghan

"The majority of students are moving away from their faith; they do not get a chance to discuss faith and whether or not they feel religion is for them. It is important to give them the opportunity to think." -Damian Moore

Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College Leeds, March 2009

"The programme supports young people in their faith and challenges in a gentle way to take their relationship with God to a deeper level." -P. Smith

Myddelton Grange Catholic Retreat Centre
Langbar Road, Ilkley, LS29 0EB