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At the end of each retreat the group celebrate Mass together.  Students are asked to reflect on the retreat in a post-communion reflection.  Below is a selection of comments:
St. Francis Catholic Primary, Beeston, Leeds (Year 6)
“We have learnt how to share our lights, not just with our friends, but with all our neighbours.  We have learnt that God shines through us and shares his love to everyone.  We have learnt that we can actually get deeper into the hearts of the people we dislike and start the process of a good friendship”.
“Our best experience was learning more about each other.  Meeting new people like Anne and Steph.  They have treated us like family and we feel grateful for what they have done.  Seeing new places in Ilkley and witnessing God’s beautiful world.  Finally, this experience has taught us a lot about ourselves, we are stronger and happier for this”.
 “We will take away stronger friendships with everyone.  We will take away lots of joyful memories to never forget for years to come.  We will also take away the thoughts and reflections on how we can shine our light”.
“What challenged us most was when we lost our way when we did the walking, coping without parents, sharing rooms, stepping stones, waking up early, communicating with others and team work”.

St. Bede’s Grammar (Year 11)

“When I first arrived at Myddelton Grange, I was wrapped up in self-desire and selfishness.  Upon starting the group activities I became fickle and frustrated by the others – until the last day.  Yet, when we were in Adoration I realised that God created each and everyone of us in His image and if I don’t accept each person as a whole, I am not accepting the Lord as I should be.  I believe that this retreat has helped me realise this and that I am not living in His Kingdom with the values He would want.  I need to set the values as a foundation of rock and not of stone in my life”.

“Before I arrived at Myddelton Grange I didn’t feel close to God.  As we said prayers I got closer to God.  The times in the chapel were special because the Adoration made me feel God was by my side during the prayers.  I enjoyed the games and activities because they were fun, especially the stepping stones game, because my team kept going back to the beginning.  In the end, three of my team made it to the end in three minutes”.

Some comments from staff:
St. Philip’s Primary, Leeds (Year 6)
“The grounds and chapel here are amazing, with beautiful views and plenty to see”.

St. Augustine’s Primary, Leeds (Year 6)
“Thank you for helping us to work collaboratively as a new unit in Year 6.  I know the children and adults got a lot out of it”.

Corpus Christ Primary, Leeds (Year 5)
“An excellent, reflective retreat in which all your staff were superb”.

All Saints High School, York (Year 11)
“All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed the retreat and I would not hesitate to come back if given the opportunity”

Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs Primary, York (Year 6)
“Always a good experience for children and staff.  MG staff encourage children to be independent and grow closer to God”.  "Loved evening prayers at Calvary”.

St. Wilfrid’s High School, Featherstone (Year 9)
“Excellent on all levels – a truly wonderful and enlightening retreat”.

Holy Spirit Primary, Heckmondwike (Year 6)
“I truly believe that all primary aged children should experience a retreat at Myddelton Grange.  It has yet again been a spiritual experience for our Year 6”.

All Saints College, Huddersfield (Year 9)
“The young people have been challenged and made to think for themselves, but responded well!”

St. John Fisher High, Harrogate (Year 11)
“Many thanks for your engaging and inspiring work – I know every student without exception has had a positive, spiritual and long-lasting experience”.

Cardinal Heenan High, Leeds (Year 11)

“This was an outstanding retreat, with appropriate content and good organisation.  A good balance of activities for the pupils”.  “I enjoyed the ‘crazy’ graces at mealtimes”.


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